Coordination of activities

The Employer should coordinate the Contractor's activity.

If any Subcontractors are involved, the Contractor is responsible for coordination of activities between them. The list of Subcontractors, included in the Technical Data Sheets, should be filled in by the Contractor for the Employer's approval. The Contractor is responsible for providing the Employer with the essential elements of the proposed Subcontractors.

If the Subcontractor is unable to deliver the goods or render the services, the Contractor should appoint an alternative Subcontractor, subject to the Employer's approval.

Upon conclusion of the Contract, the Employer and the Contractor should meet at Coordination of activities least the following requirements:

· Design project:the Employer should perform the project's analysis upon completion of all basic stages of the project. It is not allowed to commence installation activities prior to the Employer's approval of the project.

· Erection\Installation:the Contractor should make all drawings and working instructions, with detailed information on erection/installation, and submit them to the Employer for approval. It is not allowed to commence erection/installation activities prior to receipt of the Employer's approval.

· Tests:All test programs should be submitted prior to commencement of the tests. A test may start upon its Coordination of activities approval by the Employer. The results of tests should be submitted to the Employer for examination. A test is considered completed upon the Employer's approval.

· Commissioning:Commissioning should not start prior to the Employer's approval of all tests documents. Prior to commissioning, the Contractor should submit to the Employer the commissioning plan for approval.

The Employer should notify the Contractor on all known external, operational and any special limitations, which should be taken into account by the Contractor in the works implementations chedule.

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